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New Anti Cheat Update

NEW PATCH VERSION (Including installation instructions) Targeting VCHOOKS & Other Cheats

***-SCA-AntiHackerPatch 1a Installation Instructions***

**WARNING before you install this updated Antihacker Patch READ BELOW**

Before installing the new antihacker patch :

Make a new folder inside your vietcong folder, Call it ' Back up'
Now into this new 'Back up' folder COPY'N'PASTE your vietcong_160.cbf into this 'Back up' folder for uninstallation of the AntiHack patch.

* Note* You may also COPY'N'PASTE all the .dll files into the 'Back up' folder as well as the vietcong.exe and vietcong ded.exe to save downloading the uninstaller from
link < There is 6 .dll files.. example GAME.dll>^^ Now that you have completed the above steps^^ read on

To install the latest version of the AntiHacker extract the files (that this GUIDE is in) marked ' NEW FILES' to your vietcong folder.

Next run the other file that came with this Guide ' -SCA- AntiHacker 1a (left click the yellow patcher icon to run). It will ask you to find the files which you would like to update, choose your vietcong folder and left click 2 times. Vietcong should now appear in the top box click ok and follow propts.

Now it is installed.

Source : http://www.sasrclan.com/download.php?view.583


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