Passing The Peace

Passing The Peace

One by one and each by all,
(winter, spring, summer, fall)
light the candle,
pass the peace
and the dreams in time will cease.

Stand together, stand alone,
tell the story, write the song,
(summer, autumn, winter, spring)
in elation or decrease
write the poem,
pass the peace.

For the comrade, for the friend,
for the dead to make amends,
(sun, moon, stars, rain)
pass the fire,
ease the pain.

For our children, for our brothers,
for our parents, fathers, mothers,
( Darkness, dwindle. - Light, increase. )
pass the flame,
pass the peace.


Un très beau site consacré à la guerre du Vietnam que je vous engage à visiter : http://www.oliwer.net/vietnam/laguerre.htm


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