From the Vatican, December 30, 1965.


To His Excellency
Lyndon B. Johnson
President of the
United States of America

It was an honor for Us to receive the text of the message which Your Excellency has wished to forward to Us through the good offices of Mr. Arthur Goldberg, your Ambassador to the United Nations, whom We were pleased to receive in Audience. We wish to thank you for the courtesy and kindness which you have shown in assigning a special mission to visit Us and to convey to Us personally your anxieties about the perilous situation in Vietnam as well as your desire for a peaceful solution to the crisis in that troubled part of the world.

We have read with deep interest and concern the contents of your message. We wish to express Our gratitude to Your Excellency for the noble response to Our appeal for a truce at Christmas, and We cherish the ardent hope and We add Our fervent prayers that the most recent initiatives which you have undertaken will result in a permanent peace for that war-torn area and its suffering peoples.

We know how earnestly mankind desires peace, and for Our part, We shall not cease in Our efforts to help in whatever way possible to secure peace. In assuring Your Excellency that We shall continue Our constant labors for the cause of peace, that precious gift of God, We invoke from the Almighty upon choice heavenly blessings.


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